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"We love our Brad Sharpe pool!!!! Once we finally made the decision to build a pool, we never once wavered on WHO we wanted to use as the builder. We chose Brad Sharpe Pools because we knew the end product would be the highest quality swimming pool possible and that we would enjoy our pool for many years to come."

Debbie and Suzanne Norton
Residential client

"The Sharpe team has an exceptional eye for detail, and a passion for creating incredible outdoor living spaces."

Jeffery Thorton
Residential client

"I liked Brad, and it was nice to work with their “family environment.” They cost quite a bit more, but it was worth it. (I didn’t want to have to deal with problems down the road. I would rather pay a little bit more up front in the beginning, than to have someone come back and deal with it later.) They built a great pool; it was a great experience for me."

Emily Mathais
J.C. Rubiola
Alamo Heights, San Antonio Texas

"When we first decided we wanted a pool, we got three quotes. Brad Sharpe impressed me by putting my wife and I and the car, and driving us around, and showing us other jobs that they’ve done. He was the highest quote, and I’m very cost conscious, but we still chose him because of the quality of work I saw. It cost more, but I got the best pool built. I was very impressed with his work. I would recommend him to anybody."

Carley Humphry
Mike and Kathy McMahon
Alamo Heights, San Antonio Texas
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Beyond technical skills, it's creativity that gives every project a unique visual.

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